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Surround Yourself With Beauty

The most trivial things become luxuries if you add a bit of touch to it. Small things transfer your everyday life into special occasions.

An ordinary cup of coffee becomes a treat in a beautiful porcelain mug. Glass of water in high leg glass with a bit of mint or strawberry creates a vacation moment. A gougers plant and ambient light can transform the atmosphere of every space.

Your lifestyle does not have to be full of stuff nor your calendar full of events. Find joy in a simple lifestyle and find tranquility in your home that is free of clutter.

Buy some wooden hangers and ditch the nasty plastic and wire ones. They will last longer, look nicer and you will smile each time you open your closet.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. Coco Chanel

Eliminate clothing you no longer wear and make a space for few new things you'll enjoy them. Eliminate everything which does not bring you joy and replace it with a few fine pieces which do.

The simple power of less is more, quality over quantity.

Simplicity is the process of surrounding yourself with only what brings you joy and beauty

So practice less is more by choosing wisely. Choosing carefully is an opportunity to clarify your style or create a signature. It’s a matter of making a decision that you can stand behind, a matter of putting thought into what visual cues you want to send.

What are you surrounding yourself with in?


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