SKIN MACHINE has grown into a well-known brand since publishing in 2009. Modern leather jewellery, accessories and the fashion goods are carefully designed and crafted by hand from the high-quality leather. 


The mission of our brand is to help you make a statement - the visual one. We focus on a visual simplicity and clean lines with an accent on the leather texture. Each item is crafted to be both beautiful and practical. 


The design is perfect for the urban lifestyle as it’s timeless and modern. The form is engraved with a personal attitude and it speaks for itself. Exploration, creative energy and devoted choices are part of every single collection. 

Make a statement / visual testament.




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info@skinmachine.design      Zagreb, Croatia

© 2021 SKIN MACHINE Design

Women unique outfit - Black Necklace + Waist Belt - SKIN MACHINE

Buzz cut women wearing unique minimal black dress with leather accessories - Leather Necklace & waist Belt - SKIN MACHINE

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